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Machine for balancing of the wheel pairs of the train TB KP production Tehnobalans
Precision balance meets the requirements of:;
– kolesnaya pair of rolling stock for speeds above 200 km/h – 50 g*m;
– kolesnaya pair of rolling stock for speeds above 160 km/h – 75g*m;
– kolesnaya pair of rolling stock for speeds above 80 km/h – 125 g*m.The measuring device on a personal computer provides a measure of imbalance in the polar coordinate system in two dimensions with remembering the magnitude and angle of unbalance, relative to the axis passing through the geometric centers of skating wheels, and relative to the axis of rotation of the wheelset.
The machine has its own heavy frame, does not require the pouring of the Foundation. Fit common shop floor. The bed is made with application of technologies to maximize the vibration absorption.
Hydraulic stackers foot operated drive, allow you to quickly, carefully and safely install the rotor on the roller unit, thereby removing the risk of damaging the roller blocks and measuring stands with careless or accidental fall of the wheelset.
In the production of machine is used high-quality fittings used by leading European manufacturers. Commissioning and training on the machine is included in the price. The machine TB is the most modern and advanced in the class of heavy machines. Not inferior to foreign analogues, and on a number of parameters greatly exceeds them.√ Corazonada measurement system imbalance with a hard suspensionLow, doresearch speeds, increases safety and reduces the time of balancing.√ High-precision system linear motionThe movement supports the linear movement is carried out with minimal effort, one finger allows you to reconfigure the machine for another size of the rotor almost instantly.√ High-quality componentsComponents manufactured in Europe (handles, rollers, pulleys, etc.) significantly increase accuracy, reliability and service life√ Improved system of fastening of a shaftAllows you to use a minimum of expensive adapters and flanges.√ Machine bed made of polymer concrete with a vibration-absorbing coating

Reduces the dependence of the measurement from external vibrations, and allows the phase balance near other powered industrial equipment.

√ Installation on antivibration mountings

The machine requires no special Foundation (set of 4 anti-vibration mount), and can be easily moved using manual hoists.

* Output of measurement results on PC

Ease of use, versatility, lower cost machine.


The machine allows to carry out diagnostics of wheel pairs of passenger cars types РУ1-950, РУ1Ш-950 GOST 4835-2005.

The machine allows balancing without wheel pair axle boxes and axle bearings (the diameter of the axle 130 mm) and with a cassette bearings without housings books (the outer diameter of the bearing 250 mm); - available in automatic centering of the wheelset relative to the measuring and working parts of the machine; - available device to secure the gear and prevent rotation of the gear during the balancing of the wheelset.