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Machine for balancing of rotors up to 5 kg TB 5 production company Tekhnobalans

√ Corazonada measurement system imbalance

Low, doresearch speeds, increases safety and reduces the time of balancing.

√ Hard suspension

Enables correction masses to be balanced without removing product from the machine.

√ High-precision system linear motion

The movement supports the linear movement is carried out with minimal effort, one finger allows you to reconfigure the machine for another size of the rotor almost instantly.

√ High-quality components

Components manufactured in Europe (handles, rollers, pulleys, etc.) significantly increase accuracy, reliability and service life of the machine.

√ Desktop version

Space-saving, reducing the cost of the machine.

* Output of measurement results on PC

Ease of use, versatility, lower cost machine.


Технические характеристики:

Limiting parameters of the balanced rotor
the maximum weight 5 kg
minimum weight 0.05 kg
the maximum distance between the necks
400 mm
the minimum distance between the necks
50 mm
the maximum diameter of the balanced rotor
250 mm
Balancing settings
range of operating frequencies of rotation
200-1000 rpm
minimum achievable residual specific unbalance
0.1 g·mm/kg
the output of measurement results
display, printer, file
The parameters of the machine
power supply 220 V / 0.2 kW
width 300 mm
depth 300 mm
height 350 mm
weight 35 mm
The production time to 45 slave. days.


This machine has passed the certification procedure on conformity to technical regulations customs Union (EAC):

Сертификат на соответствие нормам технического регламента таможенного союза (EAC)

TB 5

The machine allows us to balance small products weighing only from 50 g to 5 kg.

Indispensable for high-precision balancing of the rotors of the lungs. Improved accuracy: minimum achievable residual unbalance is not more than 0.1 g/mm. kg Compact, desktop model, requiring minimum working space.