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Technobalance — Russian manufacturer of balancing machines.

Our equipment is designed according to the scheme with hard cortonensis suspension that allows for dynamic balancing of rotating parts:

√ safe, doresearch frequencies (200-400 rpm);

√ to correct the imbalance without a balancing withdrawal of the product from the machine.

All our machines are produced in Russia, in the Moscow region. Machines under the brand name “Technobalance” are made using the best European components (bearings, pulleys, tensioner pulleys, etc.).

A distinctive feature of our company is maximally adapted to the needs of customers approach when selecting equipment: we adapt the model for specific parameters (the size and weight of the workpiece, the presence and the location of the device to adjust the mass, the type of measuring system, etc.), asked by buyer. This approach became possible due to the wide use of own copyright designs and great lessons learned.

Since industrial balancing of parts and Assembly units sometimes requires the fulfillment of various conditions, we produce the equipment for balancing of rotors is also very flexible. Our most popular models:

√ for the balancing of V-type crankshaft assy flywheel, damper and clutch basket — TB KV 300 and the like;

√ for the balancing of fan impellers of the large size — TB Vent 100;

√ for the balancing of universal joints, cardan TB 2000 TB cardan 4000;

√ for the balancing of rotors of General-purpose (anchors of electric motors, turbo-expanders, turbines, etc.) and various dimensions — TB 5, TB 50 TB 100 TB 300 TB 500;

√ for the balancing of heavy rotors — ТБ1000, ТБ3000, TB 6000;

√ for the balancing of rotors in the form of a disk (flywheel, clutch, cutter, impeller) — TB Vert 100.

Another one of our feature — free commissioning of purchased products. It’s no secret that the specialist (especially Western manufacturer), can get a lot of money and significantly increase the total cost of the equipment. We do not charge any additional fees. In addition, our specialist will train the customer’s staff with practical work on the purchased equipment. Our job is not finished when Your employee begins to successfully balance the details on our equipment.