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The company "Tehnobalans" — manufacturer of balancing machines for all types of rotors. The first machine TB series was designed and built in 2010. Currently in our active machines for balancing all types of rotors: balancing Machines impellers of fans, machine tools for balancing of rotors of pumps, machine tools for balancing of anchor motors, machines for balancing flywheels, pulleys.

Designed and built an innovative machine for the balancing of wheelsets W.d. cars TB KP. In 2012 was launched in a series of the most popular machines for balancing of cardan shafts the CARDAN TB AND TB OPTIMA, and the best-selling book, a machine for balancing crankshafts TB 300.

The company "Tehnobalans" develops tooling for balancing stands for balancing of fans and other equipment. Our machines are used for balancing rotors of turbo-expanders, very accurate balancing, balancing of rotors in their own bearings. In modifications of machines with high accuracy minimum achievable residual specific unbalance is 0.1 g*mm/kg.

We are ready to solve any issues balancing on your enterprise. Training balancing on our machines, together with commissioning by our specialists. We are commissioning all our machines and consider their job finished when your employee is confident of balancing the parts on our machines.