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Dear editors !

“dear editors!” — as a rule, all “letters of workers”, which they sent to television, radio and Newspapers, started out that way. On the other hand, as respondents, and the correspondents knew perfectly well that most of these letters, written directly by the editors. The company “Technobalance” version is not, but emails with questions about balancing us come along very often, the circle – Russia and the CIS countries and far abroad too (Many specialists from Latin and South America were educated in the USSR). We decided to make a review article in which to try to answer the most frequently asked questions and also share their experience, and the experience of our partners.

Question No. 1: “do I Need to balance the crankshaft after grinding of necks?”.
The answer is Yes. In most repair card (DIC) refers to !required! dynamic balancing of the crankshaft. It also specified the tolerance (usually 20 gr.*mm/kg, 10 per side). If not overloaded with technical terms and calculations, the capabilities of the measuring system of the machine allows TB to “outdo” such a requirement is 40 times. Professional balancers from the aviation industry such admission will cause an ironic smile, but the status of dynamic balancing of the crankshaft in the industry to repair the ice depressing. Often, the need for dynamic balancing of the crankshaft is not obvious even for wizards, repairmen with the experience. The situation changes when in the area there is a modern machine for dynamic balancing of crankshafts. Firstly, the process of balancing visual, intuitive interface. And secondly – after Assembly, vibration, noise, posleremontnogo resource engines with shaft ambulancewoman is very different from the engines in which the crankshaft is not balanced specifically. Customers draw conclusions, and the number of shafts produced in the grinding with subsequent balancing is growing, and the competition that the balance cannot fall. However, there is also a considerable portion of minders for whom the need for balancing is obvious, and occurs the second most popular question.
Question No. 2: “is it Possible for the machine to balance the shaft Assembly with flywheel, deptera and clutch basket?”
Answer: Yes, it is possible, and even necessary. Particular significance acquires this operation, if the flywheel is also subjected to mechanical processing (Welding, grinding, relief, etc.). Any mechanical treatment leads to the displacement of the mass center from the axis of rotation. Accordingly, should the center of mass to return to the axis of rotation, which is impossible to do without a special machine. Balancing the shaft Assembly with flywheel and basket is a great test to “lice” for the balancing machine. Many of the machines stated for balancing crankshafts, do not have the ability to balance them on the shaft with the flywheel. Machines for balancing of crankshafts and ТБ300 ТБ100 designed with the possibility of balancing the crankshaft with the flywheel and clutch basket.
Question No. 3: “How to balance a V –shaped shafts”? or “How to choose a counterweight for balancing V-shaped shaft?” or “How do I know the weight of the bottom head of a rod?”
Answer: in order To successfully balance the V-shaped shafts, it is necessary to know the method of calculating the weight of the counterweights (babiito), to have tooling for the weighing heads of the connecting rod, precision scales, and most importantly, matched to the balances of the original design. Since great importance is not only the mass of the counterweight, but its design, which will allow to receive correct data regardless of the angular position of the counterweight mounted on the neck of the shaft. We offer a ready, proven long-term practice decisions. Matched the balances for different types of V shaped shafts, Equipment for weighting the lower and upper crosshead, and most importantly – the methods of calculation and technology of balancing such shafts including special prisms for balancing of KAMAZ shafts, etc. Having the opportunity to practically explore the technology offered by American and European manufacturers, we have developed our own, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages. Balances (bobbity) and equipment for the weighing of our construction is cheaper than Western counterparts and easier to use.
Questions No. 4, 5, 6, etc. “Where to balance the crankshaft in Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhniy Novgorod, Omsk and other…regional and district centres?”
Answer: Read the information in the news section and articles on our website, and call us in the office on our phones (495) 984 4297. We will advise your nearest technical centre and repair shop equipped with our equipment. And if there is such an enterprise will not, then, it may be wise to put such a machine? To solve anyway to You!