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The choice of balancers

Surely most those who are reading this article, faced with the problem of choosing your own car. Choose according to the budget, the idea of such a car suits you or not, on the “status” you. Of course, such questions as the life of the engine and major components, comfort, safety is also not missed from attention, and often take precedence over the “status”. Many went on test drives, interviewing friends, owners of the same brand. Sat in the cockpit, trying to control levers, pedals, buttons, knobs, etc. This is the most natural course of things when buying an expensive complicated things, involving long life.

But the market for complex technological equipment, in particular balancing machines, the situation is different: the choice of the machine, its “comfort for the user”, are people who not only can work, but generally never on the balancing machine did not work. At best, when it comes to small private repair facilities, an engaged owner, involving their “chief geek”. At worst, when it comes to factories or large industrial associations, we have to work with the staff of procurement Department/Finance Department/administrative, etc., etc. the good people far away from the “comfort of use”, security, stability in work, ease of learning and maintenance of equipment. As a rule, they are limited to a couple of requests to “recognized leaders of the market.” Comparing prices, features, an example of the ambitions of his company to the popularity of this brand is decided on the purchase of certain equipment. Balancer but no one asked, so, without taking into account the parameters of the “ease of use”, the service, and even PRICE, the company sometimes acquires the “status” brand, developed in the 70 – 80 years of the twentieth century, inconvenient, and expensive. It is no secret that the “popularity” and brand awareness you need to pay, and the market balancing equipment this fee is up to 75% off!!! from the price. There is no typo – that seventy-five percent. We just compared the machine ТБ50, production company “Technobalance” and machines 2 well known brands of German and Russian. Turned out to be the difference in 3 times. While technical capabilities of the machines TB are superior to their foreign counterparts.

There is another important fact that allows us to confidently declare that the machines of the series TB are the technological market leaders. ТБ50 machine with stiff suspension, allows for a low speed balance is much more of a wide range of rotors, than its rivals. Again the roll necks of the rotor rollers prisms – the higher the rpm, the more pernicious as the results of such “hardening”. And the surface of the necks, as a rule, are far from ideal, low rpm “forgive” these costs. Well, now to the fun part – to the price of the machine. ТБ50, in the basic configuration (includes set of prisms slide for rotors of small diameter and weight) is on 01.05.2013 – 250 thousand rubles. Price compare unique on the official sites, but the requests that we sent out, we brought the minimal difference in 3! Times. You ask – how do you manage to make high-quality machines for many times less the cost? The answer is simple: the focus should be on production optimization, engineering solutions, and not on the sumptuous decoration of offices, secretaries, with gourmet coffee, and many marketing departments and other parasites.

With the price figured out, now go to ease of use and security. Machines TB series is designed on a rigid suspension, so balancing is not required to accelerate the rotor to high (500 or more) revolutions. It helps to imagine the situation, when the rotor, weighing about 45 kg, and having a significant imbalance at 1500 rpm self takes off. Start and drive is controlled with a wired remote control, so the balancer is not “tied” to the pedals the monitor. This advantage is very clear the balancers, because in the process of installing the rotor and the implementation of the first start has to be viewed from all sides for possible axial offsets of the balanced details. Advantage # 2 – for the rotors, fixed the console (mills, wheels, fan impellers, impeller) are virtually no restrictions on the maximum diameter of the products. It is enough to set the machine on the reinforced edge of the workbench and the maximum diameter of the rotor, balanced cantilever, will be more than 2 meters. And here, too, the possibility of balancing at low speed immediately is a significant benefit. 200 rpm almost no error from aerodynamics, air resistance is not critical, there is no need to fence guards and fence. What of the machines of competitors has the ability to balance such a wide range of rotors? Our machine was developed in 2010 During its development were taken into account known weaknesses of existing by that moment, and important aspect – the machine was designed, and not “at loggerheads” with the foreign counterpart. And developed the machine under the guidance of the balancer with 30 years of experience, so are very convenient, easy to reconfigure for different size rotor. We design our machines themselves, themselves from doing so, for example, to lengthen the frame on ТБ50 50 cm , will cost 10 thousand rubles, and to make changes required by the client, in our case a lot easier and 2 times cheaper than the competition.

Therefore, choosing a machine for balancing rotors of electric motors, crankshafts of cars, impellers of blowers, cutters, and other rotors weighing up to 50 kg, the load balancer listen to and buy machines TB series, produced by Technobalance. Make choices based not only on “status” and “promoted”, but for the price and ease of operation.